Helpful Information

Our team, made of highly passionate and qualified caregivers, is certified in CPR and First Aide training. Our teachers take a personal responsibility to keep updated on trainings that impact this age group.  Hearts & Minds inspects the safety of the program’s environment and keeps our facility clean and neat.

Hearts & Minds knows how important it is to keep parents involved in their child’s daily activities, development and milestones. That’s why we provide you with the following:

  • Daily verbal interaction from the teacher about your child’s day
  • The building of personal relationships with each family
  • Encouraging daily/weekly calls or emails from parents to our team to support communication
  • Open door facility; we promote parent visits to our facility at anytime to observe or participate in their child’s day

We understand that dropping off your child whether for the first time or multiple times, can be difficult and tug on the heart strings. The first day can be overwhelming as the halls can appear hectic with so many people (as we all settle into our routines, the halls appear less busy).  Please help us make this time less stressful by adhering to the following guidelines:


  • Please do not attempt to sneak out without saying goodbye to your child.
  • Bring your child to the door, reassure them you will return later, hug/kiss them.
  • As difficult as it may be, make your good-bye short and sweet, even if your child is crying. The longer you prolong your good-byes, the more upset children will become. For this reason, we try to discourage coming into the room at drop off time.
  • MDO Teachers are equipped to handle these difficult, but normal occurrences. The teacher will comfort your child, guide them into an activity or hold them until they quiet down. Most of the time, your child will have stopped crying before you get out of the parking lot of the facility.  Transition can be difficulat and you can rest assured that our teachers will lovingly help your child through this time.
  • Do not linger around after you have said goodbye (where they can see & hear you), this can confuse your child and prolong crying. Feel free to call to check on your child, especially in the early days.

Your children will be in a completely locked area during their stay with us. Doors will be locked after arrival time.  If you arrive after that time, you will be let in by the front desk manager.


EVERYONE will need to sign in AND sign out your children. This will ensure we have accurate attendance records for safety and licensing requirements. You will be responsible to mark your child present or absent through the Safely Stow App. You are required to walk your child to their classroom after you’ve signed in.


The app has a special notes section to mark who will be picking up your child or if you have any additional information you need us to know.  If this changes through out the day, please notify the front desk manager by calling the church office or emailing at   If we don’t recognize or if the name is not on your enrollment form, we will ID the individual.


Please fill out the backside of a green daily sheet each day so that we know when your child last ate, how he or she slept the night before, or any special concerns or instructions for the day. We will fill out the other side during your child’s day with us.


Mom's Day Out

Our Mom’s Day Out Program is a great learning opportunity for your child and a worry-free time for parents. It allows parents of children ages 6 weeks to 5 years to have the time they need every week to get things done, or simply begin introducing their children to the world around them. We offer flexible part-time schedules.


Our preschool is an early childhood program in which children combine learning with play in a program run by professionally trained teachers. We are committed to providing a well balanced, highly personalized education that promotes the development of the whole child. We enroll children between the ages of three and five. 

High 5

The High Five Program is a 5 day a week class that prepares each child for the critical transition from preschool to kindergarten. The program assures that each child will be ready for the academic and social challenges of the kindergarten classroom. Our weekly curriculum focuses on developing, sharpening, and reinforcing skills.

Christian Approach

We strongly advocate and support the Christian values of sharing, caring, and loving. The Christian aspect of our program is visible daily through our simple prayers, songs, and Bible stories. 


At Hearts & Minds we strive to make our environment one of excellence, expecting nothing less of our teachers than you would expect of yourself in your parenting journey.


Our early childhood program is rooted in our love and faith in God. This is how we approach our program- by loving children just as they are. 


We love children and treasure relationships therefore, our focus is on supporting the entire family. Families are the core of who we are at Hearts & Minds.