About Us

Westwood’s Mom’s Day Out and Preschool Programs, have been combined into Hearts & Minds Early Childhood Program. We’ve always been family-centric, faith-based and excellence driven but by combining our programming for early childhood we are better able to help your child learn and grow.

From six weeks to six years, your child will be in the loving hands of Hearts & Minds staff meeting their educational, emotional, spiritual needs at an age-appropriate level. As your child moves physically from room to room at Hearts & Minds, they will move mentally, socially and spiritually through the biggest transitions of childhood—the first time spent away from mom and dad to entering kindergarten. We provide intentional learning and compassionate care to allow these transitions to be ones of growth, progress, and excitement!

Christian Approach

We strongly advocate and support the Christian values of sharing, caring and loving. The Christian aspect of our program is visible daily through our simple prayers, songs and Bible stories. Children are instructed that God created them, Jesus loves them, and they are important and unique because a loving God created them. Your little ones will learn about God from what they experience. We want to be sure that each child knows that he/she is loved, welcomed and appreciated the moment he/she walks through our doors. Jesus said, “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5).

Excellence- Driven

At Hearts & Minds, we strive to make our environment one of excellence, expecting nothing less of our teachers than you would expect of yourself in your own parenting journey. Our teachers are knowledgeable and caring individuals who are gifted in training and educating children to aid in developing their minds. Our classrooms are safe, clean, inviting and designed to be explored!


Our early childhood program is rooted in our love and faith in God. This is how we approach our program – by loving children just as they are. We embrace building relationships with them through teaching, playing, exploring and pointing them towards God and a relationship with Him.


We love children and treasure relationships, therefore, our focus is on supporting the entire family. Families are at the core of who we are at Hearts & Minds. As you walk through our halls, peek in our classrooms and listen to our teachers, you will see and hear our mission of caring for our children lived out.

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